Arctic 45

Oil recovery

The A45 was built on order as an assisting oil spill recovery boat but can be used to a variety of purposes as a quick deployment vehicle to assist in sea rescue, oil recovery or a daughter boat on bigger vessels.

The boat can carry 6 people and is really stable and safe. The hull is divided into 3 watertight sections that are filled
with flotation bags. A fully loaded boat would not sink even if shot by a rifle.

The light weight of the boat makes it easy to launch any place. HMW Polyethylene is the best material for sturdy workboats that have to endure rough treatment. Despite its low weight, the boat is rigid and durable. There is a PE500 protection sheet wrapped around the keel so that the boat can easily be dragged on the ground or on the winter ice.

Optionally the boat can be equipped with a Jack Plate that raises the engine to keel level, for navigating in really shallow waters.

The bow consists of a wide (70cm) ramp that can be lowered down to sea level.


  • Front ramp manually operated
  • 9” Plotter
  • 3D Sonar
  • Work lights
  • Optional engine hoist with hydraulic motor

Technical specifications

  • LOA / with engine: 450 / 520 cm
  • Beam: 216 cm
  • Weight: 550 kg
  • CE-D: 6 people
  • Engine: 50–60 hp 24–26 kt
  • Material: HMWPE
  • Draught: 40cm with engine hoist

Specifications may be changed without prior notice.

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