Arctic Mini Jetboat

Rescue Boat

Expand the possibilities of a PWC enormously with a dockable U-shaped boat hull that carries 5 people.

The stability of the Jet Boat is incredibly good. Almost impossible to capsize.

With the PWC jet propulsion, the combination is very versatile, turning around on a coin and easy to keep in one place in rescue situations.

The boat is made of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene and is much stronger and more resilient than a GRP boat. The Jet Boat is unsinkable and thus very safe for the operating crew.

The PWC can be undocked by just releasing the lock and reversing out from the boat.


  • Targa frame with lights
  • Battery in boat, charged by the PWC
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Chart plotter on PWC
  • Eyes for fixing a lifting sling

Technical specifications

  • Overall length: 4,40 m
  • Beam: 1,98 m
  • Draught: same as the PWC
  • CE-C: 5 persons
  • Weight 150 kg, without PWC
  • Fuel: 70 litres
  • Speed with 230 hp Sea Doo: 50 knots
  • Storage: 90 L in PWC, 100 L in Boat

Specifications may be changed without prior notice.

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