Read about the features that make our SAR and patrol boats different from RIB boats previously on the market.


Polyethene is the most popular plastic in the world. It is the polymer that becomes grocery bags, shampoo bottles, children’s toys, and even bulletproof vests. For such a versatile material, it has a very simple structure; the simplest of all commercial polymers. A molecule of polyethene is nothing more than a long chain of carbon atoms, with two hydrogen atoms attached to each carbon atom.

Excellent for many food-related products, it is, depending on the grade of the material, FDA, NSF, and USDA-approved for direct contact. Good chemical resistance and high rigidity make it a good choice for trays and tanks. Other uses include pipe fittings, wear plates, hinges and cutting boards. Its good impact resistance, lightweight composition, very low moisture absorption, and high tensile strength make it an ideal material. Although it is not a good candidate for glueing, it can be mechanically fastened or joined by hot air or nitrogen, ultrasonic, laser or infrared welding.


Compared to aluminium, HMWPE has a higher resistant to chemical substances, thus making it more durable. The material also offers great durability in many other areas – for instance, running the boat ashore.

Our HMWPE boats are welded from water-cut sheets with double seaming. The material is 100% recyclable and no harmful gases are emitted during the welding process.

Hull Shape

Our boats have a high deadrise—21 to 24 degrees at the stern—that makes the ride smooth in high seas. Only the longitudinal bulkheads are connected to the bottom sheet which permits the bottom sheet to flex ever so slightly, thus mitigating shock from the waves and decreasing the noise level greatly. This can only be achieved by a material like HDPE. We use lifting strakes only above water level—i.e. as spray rails—because although they have a very small impact on the efficiency of the boat, they produce noise and sometimes unpredictable behaviour of the boat.


Seen from the outside, RBB boats look like RIBs. They also have even better seakeeping characteristics than RIBs, since the RBBs’ pontoons are rigid and do not vibrate like the RIBs’ rubber pontoons. Read more >> here.

NOTE THAT OUR BOATS HAVE A D-SHAPED PONTOON, making the space inside the boat 50 cm to 60 cm wider. The difference is crucial. Read more >> here.


Our HMWPE boats are welded from pre-cut sheets that fit together like a puzzle. No moulds are needed, which makes customizing for different client types an easy task. Making repairs is possible on site: you only need a handheld extrusion welding machine and some welding wire.

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